California retailers plead with officials to crack down on brazen looting: Employees, shoppers 'traumatized'


Michelin joined “美国新闻室” on Monday to discuss the 犯罪 浪涌, highlighting the dire need for a safe working and shopping environment as consumers prepare for the holidays.

It’s really about the traumatization of our employeesand our customers,” Michelin explained. “We need to have a safe environment to work. We need to have a safe environment to shop, and we need to do something to stop it.

Many critics say Proposition 47, which was passed in 2014, has attributed to the series of smash-and-grabs since it lowers the punishment for retail theft.

Portland city print shop window smashed (信用: Portland Police Bureau)

Portland city print shop window smashed (信用: Portland Police Bureau) (Portland Police Bureau)

Under California law, theft of property valued under $ 950 is categorized as a misdemeanor instead of a felony.

We do have open organized retail crime cases that have been sitting on the desk of prosecutors in California for years that haven’t been prosecuted,” Michelin stated. “While we appreciate some of the work that the attorney general did last week in announcing one case that was two years old, we have multiple cases that need to be prosecuted.

她继续, “That sends a message when prosecutors are willing to swiftly prosecute these ORC cases, 不幸的是, they haven’t been in California.

Michelin also voiced her thoughts on what would help reduce the string of looting incidents, calling for more 警务 and quicker prosecution.

The only policy will be increased law enforcement presence and increased commitment from prosecutors that they will swiftly prosecute and hold people in jail,” Michelin explained.