California school district reportedly encourages using witchcraft on people who say 'all lives matter'

That content was included as part of a Google Drive for aBlack Lives Matter Resource Guide.A document onWriting Prompts on Police Brutality and Racist Violenceencourages high school students to write acursefor police and others.

Hexing people is an important way to get out anger and frustration. Make a list of specific people who have been agents of police terror or global brutality,” それ 読む.

This list can be wide-ranging, from small microaggressions to larger perpetrators (NS。, people who say ‘all lives matter’ to the police officers who arrest non violent protestors to George Zimmerman). Pick one of those people on your list.



It adds: “Read Martin Espada’s poem ‘For the Jim Crow Restaurant in Cambridge Massachusetts Where My Cousin Esteban was Forbidden To Wait Tables Because He Wears Dreadlocks.Write your own hex poem, cursing that person.Another prompt asks students to imagine a worldwith no police.

Spencer Lindquist, who previously attended Campbell Union High School District (CUHSD), 報告 on the document and Google Drive for The Federalist. According to Lindquist, the link to the drive was eventually removed but an internet archive shows it as listed underAddressing Racialized Violence.


CUHSD’s resource list bore resemblance to many other school districtsthat have surfaced in the media and seemed to reflect a growing interest in ideologies like critical race theory (CRT).

Linquist notes how a CUHSD teacher, whom the district crowned teacher of the year, told teachers to recognizethe power of critical race theory and use it in our lesson plans.

CUHSD did not immediately respond to Fox News’ コメントのリクエスト.

While much of the uncovered “エクイティ” content appears focused on socio-political issues, religious content has surfaced as well.

Leading anti-CRT activist Chris Rufo previously 報告 on California proposing a curriculum that included chanting the name of an Aztec god that accepts human sacrifices.