Cime della California 3 milioni di casi di Covid-19

La California è diventata il primo stato della nazione a registrare più di 3 milioni di casi di Covid-19, secondo i dati della Johns Hopkins University e del Covid Tracking Project.

The number of cases there has tripled in just the past two months.
Current data shows 3,005,830 cases and 33,623 deceduti resulting from the virus that has plagued the nation and debilitated the economy.
Più di 1 million of those cases are in Los Angeles County, where about 1 nel 10 people have been confirmed to have contracted the virus.
Hospitals throughout the state remain overwhelmed with patients seeking treatment. Covid-19 hospitalizations have dropped to just under 21,000 pazienti, but the number of available ICU beds remain incredibly low. There are just 1,113 ICU beds available statewide.
Di 90% of the state remains under stay-at-home orders due in part to limited intensive care unit capacity. Regions of the state are eligible to have the order lifted once four-week projections show an ICU capacity of more than 15% a disposizione.
Testing in the Golden State ramped up over the weekend with more than 427,000 tests conducted in a single day. California’s two-week positivity rate continues its slow slide downward and stands at 12.2%. Poco più di una settimana fa, the positivity rate reached 14%, the highest percentage seen since widespread testing began.
California recorded its first coronavirus case on January 26, 2020.




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