Campos-Duffy slams Kamala Harris’ border absence: Media giving her ‘free pass’

RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY: By the way, look at those images, I mean, so much for, you know, all the pandemic panic. We’re in the middle of this pandemic supposedly, and there’s another variant in Brazil. And this is what we’re seeing from the Biden administration who will lock down our businesses. 

But you’re right, this comes right back to the children. These children are being used as pawns for power and a voter drive by the Democrat Party. And that is exactly what’s happened when people thought, why is this happening? That is why we need to get to why it’s happening. She is not coming because she knows what the plan is and she doesn’t want to have her fingerprints on it. 

Remember when Ted Cruz went to Cancun, when he was first, they said he was supposed to be in Texas during that emergency. And by the way, he was a federal legislator who couldn’t do anything about it. This is Kamala Harris’ job. And the media is giving her such a free pass and the American people are seeing it, at least those who are watching our channel. I tell you, everybody else watching other channels are not seeing the images that we’re seeing. They’ve deep down on this crisis a couple of weeks ago on the other channels. But this is happening and the children of the victims. Child trafficking remains a major problem and they have their hands and their fingerprints on all of this distress and all of the things that are happening to these children. It is very very sad.


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