'Can’t underscore enough' how radical Tlaib, other left-wing Dems are toward Israel: モーガンオルタガス

ORTAGUS: 残念ながら, what may be happening is that the president may be caving to the loudest voices in his party. 今, if we look at this from a geopolitical perspective, what these people like Rashida Tlaib and AOC and others are talking about doing is fundamentally changing our allies, our alliances in the Middle East.

They’ve instituted and are putting through legislation to stop weaponry sales to Israel during the middle of a war. たった今, I’m not sure that that’s going to gain any steam in the Congress, but we can’t underscore, I can’t underscore how radical this position is. All of the talk in the campaign about restoring, quote on quote, restoring American alliances, and giving faith and goodwill to our allies again, which I don’t even think was needed. But that’s fine. That’s what the campaign said, that they were going to do.

The actions that the loudest members of the Democratic Party are talking about right now are radical, they are extreme, and they would fundamentally alter our relationships with our allies in the Middle East. And if this is how the president and his party are going to behave, Americans need to take a really strong look at what they’re doing with Israel and Russia and elsewhere around the world. These actions, these words have serious consequences.