Capitol rioting: Ben Shapiro blasts Biden over ‘divisive, emosioneel’ response to violence

Capitol rioting: Ben Shapiro blasts Biden over 'divisive, emotional' response to violence

Die oproer by die Kapitool on Wednesday and President-elect Joe Biden‘S “deeply divisiveresponse capped off a week thathas been so disappointing and horrifying in every way,” Ben Shapiro told his listeners Friday.

The Ben Shapiro Showwas responding to Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris‘s suggestion that authorities handled the demonstration at the Capitol differently than the Black Lives Matter-related unrest over the summer because the Capitol crowd was overwhelmingly White.

You may have looked at the incident at the Capitol and seen a bunch of White people storming the Capitol, one of them getting shotand you may have said to yourself, ‘Look, it looks like the Capitol Police are overwhelmed! I can’t believe they didn’t have enough people there. Looks like security protocols need to be overhauled,'” Shapiro gesê, “Or you can be an insane person and suggest this has something to do with systemic American racism. Naturally, Joe Biden is going to do the latter.


Shapiro reminded listeners thatthe entire media apparatus, the entire governmental apparatus, cities around the country allowed BLM free reign in their cities. They painted the city streets. They paid homageMitt Romney was marching with BLM, for God’s sake.

When riots broke out in cities across America this summerthe media cheered,” het die gasheer gesê.

The media suggested this was all just an outburst of passion because of systemic American racism, and now you’re saying this is somehow about Capitol Police being racist?” Shapiro gesê.

There is no logic to the Democratsresponse to the riot, hy het gesê.

The entire thing is a divisive, emotional appeal designed to suggest that everybody who supports Trump, and supported Trump back during the election cycle, no matter what he did over the subsequent two monthsand no matter whether you think the people who breached the Capitol are idiots and criminals, no matter what you do, no matter what you said, you are complicit,” Shapiro gesê.

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