Car careens through Massachusetts restaurant, prompting message from owners: ‘We do not have a drive-thru

Car careens through Massachusetts restaurant, prompting message from owners: 'We do not have a drive-thru'

레스토랑 in Massachusetts has reconstructed and reopened its doors after a car careened through the entrance this weekend. No injuries were reported, but the shop itself suffered some damage — and the owners appear to have a good sense of humor about it.

The accident took place on Sunday morning in front of B.T.’s Fried Chicken & BBQ in Worcester. 다행히도, no one was injured during the incident, which was caught on camera and later shared to Facebook by B.T.’s that same day.

For those that were curious, unfortunately we do not have a drive thru,” co-owner Brian Treitman joked in a Facebook post showing the damage to the dining area. “Luckily no one was hurt when this happened, but we will have to temporarily close until we can replace the front door area of the building. Hopefully it won’t take too long. We will keep you updated.


A later Facebook post contained security footage from the morning of the incident, showing the car smash through the doors and windows of the restaurant after what appears to be a traffic accident at the intersection in front of the eatery.

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When you just have to have some Fried Chicken and BBQ,” Treitman captioned the clip, 그것을 추가 “no humans or delicious food were injured in the filming of this video.

By Monday afternoon, 하나, a local construction company had built the restaurant a temporary wall and door, allowing B.T.’s to reopen “동안 [the owners] wait for insurance companies to figure out fault and payments,” Treitman told Fox News on Tuesday.

We also have no idea on time frame for glass to be replaced, so the temp wall should allow us to open today,” 그는 덧붙였다.

Treitman also asked Facebook followers toplease let everyone you know we will be open even though it looks like a construction zone.

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B.T’s Chicken & BBQ in Worcester had only opened about three months ago as an offshoot of the original location in Sturbridge, Mass., which has been around for 13 연령. But co-owners Treitman and Billy Nemeroff are thankful that business has been somewhat steady, at least up until late November.

Since then there has been a drop-off, which seems like is fairly industry-wide,” Treitman told Fox News. “The weirdest thing about opening during this pandemic is I don’t really know what my staff’s faces look like. I have never seen them without a mask. It’s a very strange feeling.

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B.T.’s isn’t the only restaurant in Massachusetts with a drive-thru problem. A restaurant in Brockton, just south of Boston, was last hit by a car in August 2018, marking the third time such an incident was reported by that eatery in two years.

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