‘Career criminal’ opens fire on 2 New York City police officers: See the video

Officers Alejandra Jacobs and Robert Holmes approach the alleged shooter, who is sitting on a stoop in in the Bronx, at about 8 p.m, the video shows.

The 23-year-old suspect, who hasn’t been charged, allegedly opened fire with a Ruger handgun. Holmes is shown in the footage wrestling him to the ground as Jacobs returns fire, discharging five shots.


Holmes was struck in the armpit and Jacobs took two bullets to her arm, according to police. The alleged perpetrator was hit three times but is expected to survive.

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said at a press conference Wednesday that the suspect is a “career criminal with far too many arrests,” as he lauded the officers for their bravery.

Stolen gun alleged use in shooting of two cops in Bronx

Stolen gun alleged use in shooting of two cops in Bronx (DCPI)

The firearm used in the shooting was reported stolen last year in Georgia, Shea said.

“Obviously [it] made its way, as far too many guns do, up into New York City and it’s causing carnage on the streets,” the NYPD’s top cop told reporters.

Jacobs was released from the hospital on Thursday in time for Thanksgiving. Holmes and the suspect remain in the hospital in stable condition, police said.




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