Carol Swain: Many colleges teach anti-Americanism, critical race theory while getting federal funds


DR. CAROL SWAIN: I’m not surprised, because if you look at our colleges and universities, whether they are public or private, the overwhelming majority of administrators and faculty are liberal Democrats they are steeped in critical race theory and anti-Americanism. And the sad thing is that many of these colleges, private universities are getting millions of dollars in federal funds, some universities as much as half a billion dollars, they are getting state subsidies and, yet, they are teaching anti-Americanism. And they are cheating their students. They are cheating them and they’re harming our country because if you hate America, why would you risk your life to go into the military to fight for a country that’s evil?

We have created a hostile learning environment, the suicide rate for youth, you know, is exploding. And we wonder why. And it’s totally unacceptable to have the critical race theory, teaching White youth to hate themselves … teaching division between males and females, [that] males are are the oppressors, females are the victims. With the critical race theory, Whites are the oppressors, minorities are the victims. They are destroying everyone’s life and we need to stand up and we are.


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