Carrie Underwood to debut a new 'Sunday Night Football' song

The NFL is back for their 2021-2022 season and that means we get another Sunday Night Footballsong performed by 캐리 언더우드.

This season is my ninth season working with the incredible people at ‘Sunday Night Football.'Underwood said in a recent 보도 자료. “사람들, they need that togetherness. I love the challenge, taking the song that is so synonymous with ‘Sunday Night Footballand finding new ways to make it fresh.
The latest rendition will debut on Sunday night when the Los Angeles Rams take on the Chicago Bears.
    Here’s a look back at some previous versions:
      에 2006, Pink reworked lyrics to Joan Jett’s 1988 melody from “나는 당신을 사랑하는 자신이 싫어.”
        Country star Faith Hill took over the song from 2007 ...에 2012.
        Underwood first teamed with with the NFL in 2013 와 “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night.That version ran until 2015.
          Underwood reworked the song again in 2016 와 “오, Sunday Night.
            She took things up a notch in 2018 와 “Game On.
            As for what we can expect for this season, the NFL shared a sneak peek on Twitter.

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