Carson Wentz, Eagles turmoil detailed in new report amid coach Doug Pederson’s dismissal

Carson Wentz, Eagles turmoil detailed in new report amid coach Doug Pederson's dismissal

Carson Wentz’s struggles and bizarre play-calls during the 2020 season were detailed in a new report Saturday.

그만큼 Philadelphia Inquirer reported it was believed that because 필라델피아 이글스 general manager Howie Roseman was Wentz’s biggest fan that the quarterback was giventoo much reinbefore he was able to prove anything on the field whether it was during the regular season or in the playoffs.

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After the Eagles’ Super Bowl victory during the 2017 시즌, Eagles officials reportedly treated Wentz as if he was the reason Philadelphia won the Super Bowl and started to take his input in draft, free-agent and coaching decisions. Wentz has only played a full set of game twice in his entire career.

According to the Inquirer, Wentz was on a path of regression for years and hedidn’t always taketo tough coaching andstruggled with accountability.Sources told the newspaper that Wentzrebuffed advice” 과 “clashedwith former head coach Doug Pederson.

The reported fracturing of the relationship between Wentz and Pederson may have been seen from miles away and before he was benched for Jalen Hurts in Week 13. The Inquirer reported, citing sources, that Wentz wouldoccasionally kill it for no other reason than his personal distaste.


Another source told the newspaper Wentz would makebizarre kills that made no sense and effectively was going rogue.

He doesn’t understand that he lost games for us,” a veteran Eagles player told the Inquirer anonymously. “He will never admit that and that’s a problem because he can’t get it corrected.

결국, Roseman admitted as much before the season that the team was “기혼” to Wentz. The quarterback didn’t play in the final games of the season and wasn’t active for the Week 17 affair in which Pederson was criticized for throwing Nate Sudfeld into the game for their final four drives.

As the Eagles head into the offseason, there are questions over whether Wentz could be traded. 그만큼 NFL Network reported the Eagles have told coaching candidates they want Wentz back next season.

He has 16,811 지나가는 야드와 113 touchdowns in 68 career games with the Eagles. 그는 가졌다 16 touchdown passes, 2,620 passing yards and a league-leading 15 interceptions in just 12 games in 2020.

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