Casey Anthony calls 911 over 'bar drink,' but not when daughter Caylee goes 'missing'

Audio of Casey Anthony’s 911 呼叫 shows she describedan assaultwhen another woman allegedly threw a drink at her in a 佛罗里达 bar 在5月 23 – although in the police report she described it as averbal argumentin which someonespilled water on her left leg.

It was a repeated incident; it was harassment, on top of the repeat offense,” Anthony says in the recording, published by TMZ. “They were throwing drinks.

Former prosecutor and Fox Nation host Nancy Grace discussed the incident at length Wednesday on犯罪故事,alongside Attorney John W. Dill, psychologist Caryn Stark, Florida State Medical Examiner Dr. Tim Gallagher, Former Police Chief Chris Byers, and senior writer for, Steve Helling.

“现在, 听, unless it’s got crime scene tape around it, I’m not concerned,” said Grace. “But it’s just striking to me that when her daughter, two-year-old Caylee, was found wrapped in a blanket with duct tape all around her mouth and nose on her skull, which was by then skeletonized, wrapped in a blanket and in a trash baga few houses down from the Anthony home in a swampy area behind a school, Tot mom Casey Anthony insisted at trial that her daughter had actually drowned.

And that for some reason, instead of calling 9-1-1, they decided to bag her body and throw it in a swamp,” Grace continued. “Why is it so easy for her to call 9-1-1 在 [原文如此] a fight between barflies?”


In response to Grace asking his characterization of Anthony, Dill, who’d previously represented Zenaida Gonzalez in the defamation suit against Casey Anthony, pointedly remarked, “She has an amazing skill to take facts, twist them to her advantage.

No one on Grace’s panel of experts refuted his claim.

Every time I hear about her, she’s wearing a pair of hot pants at a bar, every time, doing shots,” observed Grace. “Why isn’t she out there working at a homeless shelter or [在] a soup line?”

Because that’s not who Casey is,” concluded Helling, who’d authoredOutrage: The Casey Anthony Storyfollowing his coverage of her daughter’s disappearance as a staff writer for People Magazine.

在 2011, Anthony was acquitted of murder and other charges in connection with the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

Her defense team told jurors that the toddler had accidentally drowned in the family’s pool. But the little girl’s remains were found five months after she was last seen alive, in the woods near Anthony’s home.

Prosecutors had argued that Anthony suffocated her child. But investigators never established a cause of death.

福克斯新闻’ Michael Ruiz contributed to this report.

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