Celebrities speak out against anti-Semitism as tensions continue to rise in Middle East

One such crime was a recent attack on a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles 이번주 초. Pro-Palestinian demonstrators hopped out of their vehicles passing the Beverly Grove restaurant and allegedly began singling out and attacking Jewish diners as the brawl was caught on camera.

The Los Angeles Police Department was investigating the incident as a possible hate crimespokeswoman confirmed to Fox News on Thursday that three suspects were still being sought following the 10 오후. Tuesday incident.

지금, a slew of celebrities are speaking out against anti-Semitic sentiments.


I’m speechless and devastated by the anti-Semitic attacks in my home city as well as the vandalism very close to my home targeting Jewish businesses in the past 24 시간,” Mayim Bialik tweeted 이번주 초. “I don’t even know what else to say.

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but both Palestinians and Israelis deserve to live in peace and safety,” Kim Kardashian posted on her Instagram Story on Wednesday, 에 따르면 종류. “Anyone who tries to convince you that one must come at the expense of the other does not support human rights for all humans.

Jews in the diaspora need allies,” comedian Sarah Silverman 트윗, 일부. “WE ARE NOT ISRAEL. And we sure as faren’t the Israeli government.

Why aren’t Jews included in your activism?” actor Michael Rapaport said on Instagram in a message to hissocial justice friends.

Debra Messing shared a long thread on Twitter about the matter.


I pray for a 2 state solution. I pray for the killing to stop. But that is *impossible as long as Hamas is allowed to continue its campaign to destroy Israel,” she wrote in part. “Hamas must be defeated. For the safety of everyone in the region. For the safety of Jews everywhere.

James Van Der Beek shared a lengthy post on Instagram fondly recalling his time spent with both Palestinians and the people of Israel.

… I won’t pretend to understand the geopolitical complexities fueling this conflict,” he wrote in the caption of the post, which featured several photos from the nation. “But there’s a lot of humanity on both sides of that razor wire, and whatever ‘solution’ fails to recognize thatisn’t a solution.

Fashion designer Dorit Kemsley 인스타그램에 가져간 to share a graphic featuring the Star of David and the textStand against anti-Semitism.

I stand with Israel. 기간,” 썼다 Jenna Jameson. “May GD protect her people #myfamily If you want to know more, I suggest following and reading @rudy_israel ‘s posts. He is incredibly knowledgeable!”

A number of stars shared a singular blue square in solidarity with the Jewish community. Stars to do so include Kyle Richards, Meredith Marks, Mike Shouhed and Jill Zarin.

Added Zarin: “Please stand up against antisemitism. 마다 100 years this cycle of hate happens. When can the world live in peace and stop killing jewish people just for being Jews?”

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Actress Emmanuelle Chriqui also shared a graphic calling for a cease of hate toward various communities, including the Jewish community, Muslims, Black people and more.

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