Celebs reveal what they’re grateful for on this Thanksgiving

Celebs reveal what they're grateful for on this Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving certainly looks very different from years prior, as the nation continues to battle through the coronavirus pandemic.

As some families remain separated to prevent the spread of COVID-19, others are gathering in small groups or connecting via video conference.

Fox News spoke to a variety of celebs about how they’re planning their holiday safely and what they are most thankful for this year especially. 

Tyrese Gibson said he’s trying to keep positive thoughts because 2020 has really tested the nation. “I think we look forward to [the holiday season] this year more than we’ve ever looked forward to it because [there’s] just been a lot going on. I think even the most positive people in the world have been challenged this year.” 


The actor appears in “The Christmas Chronicles 2” alongside Kimberly Williams-Paisley. The movie stars Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

For her part, Williams-Paisley told Fox News, “While so many of us won’t be together physically, I am also grateful for FaceTime and Zoom, which we’re going to set up at the heads of the table and just have our family there with us digitally, which is not the same, but it’s, it’s better than people being alone.”

Forest Whitaker and Diane Lane are among the celebs that spoke about what they're grateful for this year on Thanksgiving.

Forest Whitaker and Diane Lane are among the celebs that spoke about what they’re grateful for this year on Thanksgiving. (Getty)

Singer and “Jingle Jangle” star Ricky Martin told Fox News he’s most grateful for “my kids, my family.” They’ve luckily all been healthy throughout the pandemic.


Oscar winner Forest Whitaker, who also stars in the holiday movie “Jingle Jangle,” echoed Martin’s feelings. “I’m thankful that the people that I love and touch are, you know, selfishly, that they’re OK and that they’ve been able to maintain their health through this pandemic,” he said. 

Comedian Bob Saget shared the same sentiment. “I’m most grateful for my wife and her family and my daughters… my three girls and a lot of friends,” he told Fox News.

Meanwhile, “Let Him Go” star Diane Lane said she is using Thanksgiving to pause and reflect on her many blessings. 

“It’s been great to reflect on priorities of life,” she told Fox News. “And that includes really being grateful for so very, very, very much.”

Fox News’ Ashley Dvorkin contributed to this report.

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