Il CFO del comitato per la campagna GOP della Camera si dimette dopo che i legislatori si sono opposti ai risultati del Collegio elettorale

Un alto funzionario del Comitato congressuale repubblicano nazionale ha deciso bruscamente di dimettersi all'inizio di questo mese dopo che il leader del GOP della Camera Kevin McCarthy e quasi 150 GOP lawmakers voted against certifying the Electoral College results, La CNN ha imparato, in the latest sign of the civil war brewing inside the Republican Party as it seeks to rebuild in the post-Trump era.

Rob Jentgens, the chief financial officer at the NRCC, decided to leave his post after the vote and the deadly insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6, an official familiar with the matter told CNN.
He could not be immediately reached for comment Wednesday evening.
NRCC Communications Director Michael McAdams confirmed that Jentgens is stepping down as chief financial officer but did not say why he decided to depart. La settimana scorsa, the NRCC announced their senior staff, including Katy Williams as the new CFO.
    He’s still employed by the NRCC and is training the incoming CFO,” McAdams said.
      The resignation came after House Republicans had a strong election cycle, with all incumbents winning reelection in November and the party gaining 13 posti a sedere, increasing prospects for winning back the House majority in 2022.
      The official familiar with the matter told CNN that Jentgens, a veteran member of the senior staff at the GOP campaign committee, was furious by the House vote after a day of chaos and violence on Capitol Hill. He sent in his resignation and immediately left the building, ha detto il funzionario.

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