Chad Wheeler’s assault allegations bring the ire of Dez Bryant

Chad Wheeler's assault allegations bring the ire of Dez Bryant

Chad Wheeler’s alleged assault on his girlfriend brought out the fire and fury from the NFL community, 포함 볼티모어 까마귀 wide receiver Dez Bryant, who had some choice words for the NFL lineman.

Wheeler was charged with first-degree domestic violence Wednesday following his arrest last week.

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The woman involved told investigators Wheeler reportedly told her to stand up and bow to him, and when she refused to do that, he threw her on the bed, choked her and tried to smother her, 법원 문서에 따르면. The woman said she tried to fight back, but Wheeler allegedly twisted her arm and she lost consciousness.

She told officials when she regained consciousness she saw Wheeler by the bed and he allegedly said: “와, you’re alive?” She reportedly ran into the bathroom to call her family and 911.

As the details began to pour out, Bryant sent his message to Wheeler on 트위터.

Chad wheeler if I ever run across you We are going toe to toe because I wouldn’t mind making the news breaking something across your f—king head then ask you are you still alive?..” 그가 썼어.


“알아 1 thing the media don’t mind destroying the black athletes without the facts.

그만큼 시애틀 시호크스 cut ties with Wheeler as the allegations came to light.

The Seahawks are saddened by the details emerging against Chad Wheeler and strongly condemn this act of domestic violence. Our thoughts and support are with the victim. Chad is a free agent and no longer with the team,” 팀은 성명에서 말했다.

Wheeler posted on Twitter blaming the alleged assault on amanic episode.

Wheeler was arrested over the weekend and booked into the King County Jail in Washington state for investigation of felony domestic violence. He had a court appearance Monday and was released from jail Tuesday after posting $ 400,000 노예.

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