Chaffetz는 국경에서 Biden 위기를 찢습니다., Afghanistan as 'self inflicted wounds'

제이슨 샤프츠: Joe Biden의 약속과 Joe Biden의 현실을 깨닫는 미국인들은 완전히 다른 두 가지라고 생각합니다.. 그는 판단력이 부족하다. And most of these crises that we are dealing with are self-inflicted wounds.

Things were under control at the border with Donald Trump. They changed the policy and look at the disastrous outcome. Donald Trump had it under control in Afghanistan. Joe Biden changed the policy, look at the outcome. And so you go right on down the list. What I think what is most troubling probably for President Biden and Kamala Harris are the independentsthe true independents. 보기, Republicans know who they’re going to vote for. Democrats know. But true independents, they’re fleeing from Joe Biden.

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