Charleston police chief 'very angry' with rise in crime in the United States

チャールストン, SC警察署長が暴力で「うんざり」, REPEAT OFFENDERS

LUTHER REYNOLDS: 私はすごく怒っています. 私は全国の同僚と話します, 響き渡るテーマがあります, and we do have great support here and we have a very safe city. だが, our state, since recording data since 1960 recorded the most violent crimes, に 2020 had the most killing in the history of our state and we are on track to do worse this year than last year.

Every one of these victims has a face, every one of these communities deserves better. I hear the sounds of a wailing mother who just lost a child. 米国が後れを取っている限り、そして私がこれまでに見た制裁が続く限り、それは起こり続けるでしょう…彼らが制裁した2つの銀行のうちの1つ, you can never get that out of your mind when you hear that, see that, and witness that.

It’s happening too much. It’s preventable, it’s predictable, and there is so much more we can do when we arrest armed violent repeat criminal offenders which we are doing all the time. They need to go to jail and they need to stay there, and that’s not happening.