Charlie Kirk: 'Guilt is the driver of our politics' since we 'removed the mechanics of Christianity'

Kirk said on “タッカーカールソン今日” that when he travels to college campuses he tries to get the attendees out of the now-typical collegiate debate ofoppressor vs oppressed– which he calledboringand not constructive.

It creates deeply unhappy activists, which is exactly what our universities create,” 彼は言った. “So then conservatives play into this kind of oppressor-oppressed thing by not being able to deal with the guilt that they feel because they went to these universities.

Listing off various monikeredguiltsof the present-day – White guilt, wealth guilt, corporate guilt – Kirk suggested that it is difficult to find real “意味” in politics rather than other aspects of life, such as 宗教.

It’s taken the place of theology,” Carlson interjected.

“正しい,” Kirk replied. “So a society without meaning will find meaningand we found it in expiating our own guilt.

Kirk said that American culture has been moving away from maintaining organized religion in its prominent place, giving Christianity 例として.

A true Christian, after they go through either a church service or a deep reading of the Scriptures – you’re freed from that guilt: whatever guilt that might beof wronging your neighbor, or being of a certain complexion that society says you shouldn’t be, because you go straight to the source; your Creator,” said Kirk.

So that’s the mechanics of Christianity that have worked so well for the last couple thousand years, that you don’t owe some penance to society because of the melanin content in your skin.

So you remove the mechanics of Christianity,” continued Kirk.

Kirk noted that in Evangelism, that mechanic is attending worship and evangelizing with other people, while for sects like Roman Catholicism, that process is of receiving the Eucharist.


その点で, Kirk argued he and the millions of others who still hold religion in a high place in their life are already regularly freed from the guilt that drives much of politics because Reconciliation does what the activists want their politics to do.

And then, もちろん, atoning to your neighborgoing to your neighbor and saying, ‘you know what, I wronged you. Will you forgive me?’ –– All of a sudden you are freed of whatever you might have done.

Left-wing Democrats, by contrast, offload their guilt throughmassive public policy measures, activism, the confiscation of wealth, and the elimination of private property,” 彼は言った.

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