Charlie Kirk: Orwell's '1984' 'is the instruction manual' for the left; they're 'criminalizing speech'

CHARLIE KIRK: Why don’t they just call it the Ministry of Truth and just get it over with. It’s as if ‘1984’ is just the instruction manual at this point. This goes to a Noam Chomsky quote — I obviously agree with him on very little politically, which is totally true – it is ‘the way to have a population be obedient, is to guardrail the acceptable opinion’.

It actually makes sense that these free-speech organizations are engaging in, not free speech, but instead refereed speech, which is ‘we believe and robust debate, as long as you allow us to be the ones in charge, the umpires,’ of what you can say and not say, and there is this very vague term, intentionally, of disinformation. 

They want the federal government to now have the power to criminalize speech, and this is really what it is going after, of course it is about control, of course it’s about totalitarianism. This playbook is now being used by these activists to pressure social media companies, you saw it happen with Facebook, and to pressure the tech elites to pander to the most radical left wing voices in our country. 


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