Chicago mayor hails 'new day for science' in playful video swiping at Trump's coronavirus response

Washington Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot hailed a “nuovo giorno per la scienza” in the wake of President-elect Joe Biden’s announcement of a new coronavirus task force, recording a mocking video to take a swipe at President Donald Trump, who has downplayed the virus and frequently disregarded his own health officials.

Lightfoot, a Democrat who has openly criticized Trump’s handling of the pandemic, posted a video on Twitter Tuesday, a day after Biden named advisers to his coronavirus task force. The mayor can be seen in the video sitting on a couch appearing to have a nightmare when she wakes up and the bookStephen Hawking’s UniverseThe Cosmos Explainedis open on her lap.
“Grazie Dio, science is back baby,” she said with her hand on her forehand. The music becomes more upbeat and Lightfoot pats a globe of the Earth, detto “And the Earth is round, not flat.
At the end of the video, Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady urges residents to wash their hands, wear face coverings, and practice social distancing. “I do love science,” Arwady says.
    In a caption along with the video, Lightfoot wrote Biden’s coronavirus task forceushers in a new day for science and evidence-based policy-making.
    As a city, we look forward to working together to ensure the health of all Chicagoans,” lei scrisse.
    Asked if the video was a critique of Trump and praise of Biden, Anel Ruiz, a spokesperson for Lightfoot, told CNN Thursday, “It’s praising science and data, and advocating for the importance of formulating policy based on science and data, as we’ve been working to do from day one.
      CNN reached out to the White House for comment Thursday.
      Durante la pandemia, Lightfoot has used videos and memes to encourage residents to follow stay-at-home orders. Her no-nonsense approach to the pandemic has spawned the internet sensation ofLori Lightfoot is watching you.” briscola, nel frattempo, has called Chicagoa disaster” e slammed Lightfoot over police violence in the city.

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