Chicago Sun-Times editorial board celebrates Facebook's decision to uphold Trump ban: 'Let's keep it that way'

“Buenas noticias para América: Trump sigue relegado a garabatear en las paredes del baño,” the Sun-Timeseditorial headline read on Wednesday.

Si bien la Junta de Supervisión de Facebook no falló a favor del expresidente, it did punt the suspension back to the company calling for the tech giant to make a final decision by November.


Mientras tanto, sin embargo, the Sun-Times editorial board sees the ongoing ban as a victory.

Donald Trump should be banned from any form of social media other than scrawling on bathroom walls. And even then he should be made to wash it off when he gets caught,” the board comenzó. “Trump is nothing but a lying machine, with his biggest lie — the overwhelmingly refuted claim that the 2020 election was stolen from him — doing a terrific job of tearing up the country.

The Chicago newspaper insisted that Trump isincapableof nottelling liesand that it’s a “alivio” that his Facebook ban will be upheld.

And let’s keep it that way,” the editorial continued. “What a relief that he can go on spilling his bile all he wants… but he won’t have the social media megaphone he needs to really sell the lies and hate.

The Sun-Times isn’t the only media outlet that celebrated the ongoing ban. CNN‘s left-wing media guru Brian Stelter went to bat for Facebook in defending its ruling.

I know lots of people like to kick Facebook, especially when it’s down,” Stelter said. “It’s an incredibly powerful company that deserves a lot of scrutiny, but we’re only talking about these rules and these regulations and these questions because of the former president’s misconduct, because of his autocratic streak. I just want to remember that is why this is on the table in the first place.

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