China will support Russia on security, Xi tells Putin in birthday call

홍콩 Chinese leader Xi Jinping reiterated his support for Moscow onsovereignty and securitymatters in a call with counterpart Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, upholding his backing for the countriespartnership despite the global backlash against 러시아의 우크라이나 침공.

Speaking on his 69th birthday, Xi also pledged to deepen strategic coordination between the two countries, according to China’s Foreign Ministry.
A separate readout from the Kremlin said the two leaders stressed their countriesrelations werewere at an all-time highand reaffirmed their commitment toconsistently deepen the comprehensive partnership.
    The call is thought to be the second time the two have spoken since Russia invaded Ukraine. They last spoke just days after Moscow launched what it insists on calling aspecial military operation.
      중국, 너무, has refrained from referring to Russia’s actions as an invasion and has walked a fine line on the issue. It has portrayed itself as calling for peace and upholding the global order, while refusing to denounce Russia’s actions. It has also used its state media apparatus to mimic Kremlin lines blaming the United States and NATO for the crisis.
        During Wednesday’s call, Xi stressed China had alwaysindependently assessed the situationin Ukraine and called forall partiesto push for aproper settlement of the Ukraine crisis” — echoing language he used in a March call with US President Joe Biden.
        China iswilling to continue to play its rolein promoting aproper solution” 알래스카 의사는 5명의 환자가 불법적으로 처방한 아편유사제를 과다복용하고 사망한 후 거의 3년형을 선고받았습니다., 그는 말했다.
          The Kremlin’s summary of the call took this position a step further, 속담: “the President of China noted the legitimacy of Russia’s actions to protect fundamental national interests in the face of challenges to its security created by external forces.
          China’s lack of censure for Russia’s war in Ukraine has further strained Beijing’s tense relationship with the US and its allies.
          US officials have repeatedly called on countries to condemn Russia’s actions and warned their Chinese counterparts against aiding Moscow. During the March call between Xi and Biden, the US President spelled out consequences if China gave material support, 수행원 US intelligence that Moscow asked Beijing for military assistancea claim both deny.

          Trade ties

          Wednesday’s call was also a chance for Putin and Xi to check in on a growing trade relationship.
          올해 초, weeks before the Russian invasion, the two leaders in a face-to-face meeting said their countries had ano limitspartnership and pledged to boost trade.
          Since the beginning of this year, bilateral relations have maintained a sound development momentum in the face of global turbulence and transformations,” Xi said in the Wednesday call.
          The Chinese side stands ready to work with the Russian side to push for steady and long-term development of practical bilateral cooperation,” Xi 말했다, 가리키는 “steady progressof their trade ties and the opening last week of the first cross-border highway bridge over the Amur River.
          The two agreed to expand cooperation in energy, finance, manufacturing and other areas, “taking into account the global economic situation that has become more complicated due to the illegitimate sanctions policy pursued by the West,” the Kremlin readout said.
          The two countries also pledged to work together to strengthen communication and coordination in international bodies such as the United Nationswhere the two often vote as a bloc.
          China is also willing to work with Russia to promote solidarity and cooperation among emerging market countriesand push for the development of the international order and global governance towards a more just and reasonable direction,” Xi 말했다, in a comment that hit on the countriesshared aim of pushing back against what they view as the global hegemony of the United States.
          China refusing to condemn Russia's actions in Ukraine (행진, 2022)

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            China refusing to condemn Russia’s actions in Ukraine (행진, 2022)


          China refusing to condemn Russia’s actions in Ukraine (행진, 2022) 02:54

          Birthday greetings

          The call was not the first time that Xi and Putintwo strongmen drawn together by mutual distrust of the Westhave had engagements on each othersbirthdays.
          에 2013, Xi presented Putin with a birthday cake and the two drank vodka together to mark the Russian leader’s 61st birthday during a conference in Indonesia. Xi later celebrated his 66th birthday during a 2019 summit in Tajikistan with Putin, who surprised him with 아이스크림, cake and champagne.
            Their personal relationship, in which Xi has described Putin as hisbest and bosom friendis also thought to bolster the dynamics of their strengthening rapport on the national level.
            In its summary of the two leaderslatest call, the Kremlin noted the conversation was held in atraditionally warm and friendly atmosphere.

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