China's Haval Tank 300 SUV copies Ford Bronco and Mercedes-Benz G-Class

A new SUV from Chinese automaker Haval plays like a greatest hits of the world’s most iconic SUV에스.


The Tank 300 features a front end design with a blunt grille and bisected headlights that appears to be inspired by the new 포드 브 롱코‘s along with a body that borrows elements from it and other 4x4s.


The interior layout is closely aligned with the one in the Mercedes-Benz G-Class.


The Tank 300, which doesn’t have a removable roof like the Bronco or Wrangler, 이다 under consideration for export to Australia, where Ford currently doesn’t have plans to sell the Bronco.


The midsize SUV is built on a ladder frame chassis and features a two-speed transfer case, solid rear axle and front independent suspension with Eaton locking differentials, ㅏ 223 hp 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine and a ZF 8-speed automatic transmission similar to the one the Wrangler uses.

Haval claims the Tank 300 can climb a 70% grade and tow over 6,600 파운드, but the later is not based on the same rating system as vehicles sold in the U.S., where it won’t be going on sale anytime soon.

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