Chinese whistleblower exposes COVID-19's origins on 'Tucker Carlson Today's' biggest episode yet

Virologist and medical doctor Li-Meng Yan told Carlson that according to I-94 records, her husband has entered the United States with an HB-1 visa for two years and may be planning to harm her with the assistance of the CCP and some within the U.S.

Prior to her escape from China in April of 2020, Yan claimed that her husband attempted toharmher in a variety of ways, including poisoning, in order to stop her from fleeing the country.


Yan, who was working at a World Health Organization reference lab in Hong Kong during the onset of the pandemic, was assigned as a secret investigator to probe COVID-19, which was being called theWuhan pneumonia” 당시. 하나, she said she was warned by her supervisor, 박사. Leo Poon, not to ask too many questions.

She was told not to touch thered-lineor else face the consequences from the CCP.

Don’t touch the red linethat means ‘invisible principle,’” Yan said. “Don’t break it. 그렇지 않다면, I have to be responsible for that. It means the invisible things that China’s government won’t be happy [약].”

Utilizing her network of contacts – which included Chinese lab researchers, CDC-involved military, and civilian locationsYan soon noticedabnormalactions being taken by the CCP.

So briefly, China’s government knows those things happened in Wuhan. And it’s definitely more than they announced, at least for the confirmed cases,” Yan said. “They hide one-third of patients.

And all the patients has [sic] to have the seafood market history before they get diagnosed, which is very abnormal,” Yan added. “And this time—

“죄송 해요– but you’re saying that China would not diagnose COVID unless the person who was infected with COVID had been to the seafood market?” Carlson asked.


Upon further investigation into the CCP’s response to the mysterious illness and evaluation of the virus’ genome, Yan determined, 그녀의 의견으로는, that COVID-19 was a biologically engineered weapon that got out of control and was derived from SARS-CoV-2, a naturally occurring virus discovered by China years after the original SARS outbreak.

This virus was a prime candidate to turn into a biological weapon, but the CCP first needed to test the virus on a small sample group in order to determine how to best utilize it against the world.

Yan was shocked to discover that the testing site was Wuhan. China was allegedly testing on its own people.


They test it in Wuhan. It gets out of control. They didn’t expect that to happen,” 그녀가 말했다. “그 시점에서, they realize, 확인, it’s out. They lied about that. But then, they intentionally allowed some huge number of people, some infected, from Wuhan to travel around the world to infect the rest of the world.

In order to insulate themselves from the damage inflicted on other countries, China enacted a military-style shutdown of the country, a far cry from the lockdowns seen in the U.S.

The lockdown in China is totally different as happened in the U.S.,Yan said. “They just lockdown you in your room and lock your room. And then you can be hungry, die at home, which happened in Wuhan at that time.

Yan immediately gave her findings to Dr. Poon, who decided, alongside WHO team experts within her lab, ...에 “keep silentto avoid making the Chinese government unhappy.

Later on, when China insisted coronavirus came from nature, Yan claimed that her contacts helped toorganizethe big cover-up in the international scientific world.

When Peter Daszak released his Lancet statement discrediting claims that the coronavirus came from the Wuhan lab, the letter was signed by Dr. Poon.

In the full episode of “투커 칼슨 투데이,” Yan and Carlson go into great detail about the possible weaponization of COVID-19 and its effects, 그만큼 mRNA vaccines, measures taken by the CCP to infect the greater world, 박사. 안토니 포시, and the scientific community’s implication in the effort to suppress information on the virus.

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