Chris Christie calls out Biden for being ‘wrong’ on coronavirus management, economía

CHRIS CHRISTIE: Joe Biden is wrong for wanting to spend us into oblivion. Joe Biden is wrong by forcing more gasoline out to this economy that’s already got an over 5% inflation rate and going higher. Joe Biden is wrong to allow the Nord 2 pipeline to have gas going from Russia to Germany and making that relationship closer. Joe Biden is wrong for not being tougher on China. Joe Biden is wrong in a bunch of ways and we need to be talking about those issues directly and frankly. And on vaccines, we need to be giving people are honest opinion about how effective these vaccines have been in preventing serious hospitalization and death. And we should not be going back to mask mandates…

I think the big problem here is that there’s not a sense of confidence that the president conveys to people about what direction… there should be a very clear message that’s coming from everybody that the way to stop the Delta variant is for people to get vaccinated. And the vaccine has proven to be effective in preventing the two things that we want to prevent here, which are serious hospitalizations and resulting deaths. And the vaccine’s been very effective in that. That’s the simple message that the president should be talking about. We shouldn’t be talking about masking children. We shouldn’t be talking about going back to mask mandates. We have a solution to this problem. And the president needs to go out there and present a clear, understandable message, not the message that I saw in presenting last night on CNN.


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