Chris Christie slams Biden for allowing Canada COVID 'double standard'

Christie blasted the president in a tweet posted Monday, saying more losing the upper hand coming from the Biden administration’s foreign policy and vaccine messaging with Canada.

More weakness from Biden foreign policy and mixed messages on vaccines,” Christie, un potenziale 2024 candidato presidenziale, ha scritto su Twitter. “Canada continues to ask for US help with vaccines but refuses to allow for fully vaccinated Americans to enter Canada.


This is just wrong,” Christie continued. “A double standard where America and Americans are being used.

Christie followed up the tweet with another calling on Biden topush backagainst Canada’s foreign policy and stand up for America.

President Biden must push back [e] insist that if Canada believes in science [e] wants our vaccines, then they need to accept the broader premise that vaccinated people crossing borders either way go hand in hand with the notion of expanded vaccination success,” the New Jersey Republican wrote. “Stand up for America!”

The former governor’s criticism comes after the U.S., Canada and Mexico agreed to extend the coronavirus restrictions on nonessential travel across land borders last week.

To fight [COVID-19] spread and protect our citizens, gli Stati Uniti. is continuing restrictions on non-essential travel at land borders through June 21, while allowing essential trade [e] viaggio,” the Department of Homeland Security wrote on Twitter last week. “We’re working closely with Canada [e] Mexico to safely ease restrictions as conditions improve.

Il casa Bianca non ha risposto immediatamente a Fox News’ request for comment on Christie’s criticisms.

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