CIA Directors Fast Facts

Here’s some background information about directors of the Central Intelligence Agency (中央情报局). As part of America’s intelligence community, the CIA collects information about foreign governments, organized crime and terrorist groups.


九月 18, 1947 – The Central Intelligence Agency (中央情报局) is established.
    十二月 2004 – 总统乔治·W. 衬套 迹象 terrorism prevention legislation, changing the director of central intelligence position to the director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Porter Goss is the firstD/CIAafter the reorganization.

    Current Director

    Gina Haspel
    – 可能 21, 2018-当下
    Appointed by 唐纳德·特朗普总统
    Careerjoins the CIA in 1985; Chief of Station; Deputy Director of the National Clandestine Service and Chief of Staff for the Director of the National Clandestine Service
    Acting CIA director after 迈克·庞培 is sworn in as Secretary of State
    First woman to become CIA director

    Former Directors of Central Intelligence

    Sidney Souers
    January 23-June 10, 1946
    Appointed by Truman as Director of Central Intelligence within the National Intelligence Authority.
    Military CareerRear Admiral, US Navy; Deputy Chief of Naval Intelligence
    Later Careerfirst Executive Secretary, National Security Council (1947-1950)
    Hoyt S. Vandenberg
    – 六月 10, 1946-可能 1, 1947
    Appointed by Truman as Director of Central Intelligence within the National Intelligence Authority.
    Military CareerGeneral, US Army Air Corps
    Later CareerVice Chief of Staff, 空军; Chief of Staff, 空军
    Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter
    – 可能 1, 1947-十月 7, 1950
    Appointed by Truman as Director of Central Intelligence within the National Intelligence Authority.
    – 十一月 24, 1947- Reappointed, first director under the new National Security Act
    – 十二月 8, 1947- Senate confirmation
    Military CareerRear Admiral, US Navy; Officer in Charge of Intelligence, Staff of Pacific Commander, Adm. Chester W. Nimitz
    Later CareerVice Admiral; Inspector General of the Navy
    Walter Bedell Smith
    – 十月 7, 1950-二月 9, 1953
    Appointed by Truman.
    Military Career – Lt. General, US Army; Chief of Staff for Gen. Dwight D. 艾森豪威尔; Commander, First Army
    Other ExperienceAmbassador to the Soviet Union (1946-1949)
    Later CareerUndersecretary of State (1953-1954)
    Allen Dulles
    – 二月 26, 1953-十一月 29, 1961
    Appointed by President Dwight D. 艾森豪威尔.
    ExperienceUS Diplomatic Service (1916-1926); Head, Office of Strategic Services, Bern, 瑞士 (1942-1945); Deputy Director for Plans, 中央情报局; Deputy Director, 中央情报局
    John A. McCone
    – 十一月 29, 1961-四月 28, 1965
    Appointed by President John F. 肯尼迪.
    Military CareerDeputy Secretary of Defense; Under Secretary of the Air Force
    Other ExperienceChairman, Atomic Energy Commission
    William F. Raborn Jr.
    – 四月 28, 1965-六月 30, 1966
    Appointed by President Lyndon B. 约翰逊.
    Military CareerVice Admiral; Director, US Navy Special Projects Office; Deputy Chief of Naval Operations
    Richard Helms
    六月 30, 1966-二月 2, 1973
    Appointed by Johnson.
    Military CareerUS Naval Reserve
    Other experienceOffice of Strategic Services (1943-1947); Deputy Director for Plans, 中央情报局
    Later CareerUS Ambassador to 伊朗 (1973-1977)
    James Schlesinger
    二月 3, 1973-七月 2, 1973
    Appointed by President Richard M. Nixon.
    ExperienceUniversity of Virginia, Economics professor; Assistant Director, Office of Management and Budget; Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission
    Later CareerSecretary of Defense (1973-1975); Secretary of Energy (1977-1979)
    William Colby
    – 九月 4, 1973-一月 30, 1976
    Appointed by Nixon.
    Military CareerUS Army enlisted as 2nd Lt.
    Other ExperienceOffice of Strategic Services (1943-1945), moved up through the ranks of the CIA; Deputy Director for Operations, 中央情报局; 律师
    George H. w ^. 衬套
    – 一月 30, 1976-一月 20, 1977
    Appointed by President Gerald R. 福特汽车.
    Military CareerNavy pilot
    Other ExperienceTexas Congressman; 联合国 大使; Chairman, Republican National Committee; Chief US Liaison Office, 中国
    Later CareerUS Vice President and President
    Stansfield Turner
    – 游行 9, 1977-一月 20, 1981
    Appointed by President Jimmy Carter.
    Military CareerAdmiral, US Navy; Director, Systems Analysis Division, Office of Chief of Naval Operations; 总统, US Naval War College; Commander, US Second Fleet; Commander in Chief, Allied Forces Southern Europe, NATO
    William Casey
    – 一月 28, 1981-一月 29, 1987
    Appointed by President Ronald Reagan.
    Military CareerOfficer, US Naval Reserve
    Other Experience – 律师; Office of Strategic Services (1943-1945); Chairman, SEC; Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs; president and chairman, US Export-Import Bank; President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board; 经理, Reagan presidential campaign
    William Webster
    – 可能 26, 1987-八月 31, 1991
    Appointed by Reagan.
    Military CareerLieutenant, US Navy
    Other ExperienceUS Attorney; 法官, US District Court and US Court of Appeals 8th Circuit; Director, 联邦调查局 (1978-1987)
    Robert Gates
    – 十一月 6, 1991-一月 20, 1993
    Appointed by George H.W. 衬套.
    ExperienceIntelligence analyst, 中央情报局; National Security Council staff; Deputy Director of CIA; Chairman, National Intelligence Council; Deputy Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs; Assistant to the President and Deputy for National Security Affairs; Secretary of Defense (2006-2011)
    [R. James Woolsey Jr.
    – 二月 5, 1993-一月 10, 1995
    Appointed by President Bill Clinton.
    Military CareerCaptain, US Army
    Other ExperienceNational Security Council Staff; General Counsel, Senate Committee on Armed Services; Under Secretary of the Navy; Adviser with US Delegation to SALT I; Ambassador and US representative, negotiations on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe
    John Deutch
    – 可能 10, 1995-十二月 15, 1996
    Appointed by Clinton.
    ExperienceSystems analyst, Defense Department; Under Secretary of Energy; Under Secretary of Defense; Deputy Secretary of Defense
    Later CareerProfessor of Chemistry, MIT
    George Tenet
    – 七月 11, 1997-七月 11, 2004
    Appointed by Clinton.
    ExperienceSenate Select Committee on Intelligence (1982-1988); Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Intelligence Programs, National Security Council; Deputy Director of CIA

    Former Directors of the Central Intelligence Agency

    Porter Goss
    – 九月 24, 2004-可能 5, 2006
    Appointed by George W. 衬套.
    Military CareerUS Army intelligence officer
    Other Experienceclandestine service officer with the CIA; Sanibel, 佛罗里达, City Councilman, 市长, Lee County Commission Chairman; 佛罗里达州议员; Chairman, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
    Michael Hayden
    – 可能 30, 2006-二月 13, 2009
    Appointed by George W. 衬套.
    Military CareerGeneral, US Air Force
    Leon Panetta
    – 二月 13, 2009-六月 30, 2011
    Appointed by 奥巴马总统.
    Military CareerCaptain, US Army
    Other ExperienceChief of Staff; California Representative; Chairman, House Committee on the Budget; Director, Office of Management and Budget
    – 七月 1, 2011-二月 2013 – Secretary of Defense.
    David Petraeus
    – 九月 6, 2011-十一月 2, 2012
    Appointed by Obama.
    Military CareerCommander, US Central Command (CentCom); Commander, US forces in Afghanistan (USFOR-A) and NATO International Security Assistance Force (ISAF)
      John Brennan
      – 游行 8, 2013-一月 20, 2017
      Appointed by Obama.
      Careerjoins the CIA in 1980; Chief of Staff, 中央情报局; Deputy Executive Director, 中央情报局; Director of Terrorist Threat Integration Center, 中央情报局; 首席执行官, The Analysis Corporation
      – 一月 23, 2017-四月 26, 2018
      Appointed by Trump
      Military CareerUS Army (1986-1991)
      Other ExperienceThayer Aerospace, founder and CEO; Sentry International, 总统; US Representative from Kansas (2011-2017); 国务卿 (2018-当下)




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