Civil rights attorney exposes reason behind nationwide crime spike

ROBERT PATILLO: Most of this crime is being pushed by drug gangs throughout the country. So we need to use some of our counterterrorism laws, the same ones they’re using to prosecute people for other crimes around the country, use it to prosecute many of these drug gangs that are terrorizing communities. Let’s do something about the importation of guns and drugs across the southern border. I think Republicans and Democrats can agree on that. Let’s reform the way that we police to get officers out of the car, back walking a beat, knowing the people in their community to inspire the type of trust and understanding necessary so that you can have a community that works with the police and police to work with the community…

Why aren’t we putting money into the types of programs that will get [young teenagers] off the streets and get them into STEM coding classes? Get them certifications and the type of educational support that is needed so that they don’t have to turn to a life of crime? And we also have to turn to our church leaders and clergy. They’ve traditionally held a leadership role in the community. … We’ve got a church body now that seems more interested in building giant stadium-sized churches and being on television than getting into the community and actually doing the types of marches that we’ve seen from people like Father Pfleger in Chicago, Reverend Jesse Jackson [そして] other pastors around the country who are really trying to be in the community and be involved.