Clay Travis: Aaron Rodgers’ reunion With Cobb, Packers has ‘Last Dance’ written all over it

For this reason, Clay read over the transcript from Aaron Rodgers’ time with the media after practicing with the Packers, and he thinks that, between the reunion with returning Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb and Rodgers and Davante Adams both posting a cryptic M.J.-Pippen photo on Instagram, a great comeback campaign may be on the way.


Aaron Rodgers is playing, he has got Randall Cobb coming back as a wide receiver to join him. This has very much of a Last Dance flavor to it as the Green Bay Packers get ready for one more ride together.

Clay also digs into the rich QB lineage of the Green Bay Packers, who must head in a new direction in 2022 when Rodgers leaves the franchise, as both parties agreed upon Monday.

How spoiled are Packer fans? It has now been thirty straight years that the Packers have had as their starting quarterback either Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers. Think about how crazy that is in the NFL. Lo siento, Miami Dolphins fans, where you had to go one failed quarterback after another. The Packers were able to hand the reins from one Hall of Famer to another. And this feels like the last year that Aaron Rodgers is ever going to be playing for the Green Bay Packers.

He said initially after his great season he thought the Packers would come to him and try to extend him and add multi years to his contract. En lugar de, they didn’t do anything until suddenly it became clear that there were a bunch of other teams with interest in Aaron Rodgers, and then they came rushing forward and said, ‘Woah, woah, woah, let’s try to get a deal done.'

Rodgers has frequently been in the ear of GM Brian Gutenkunst since Gutenkunst was hired in 2018, and Rodgers’ hiatus from the team during the offseason was likely related to an ongoing schism regarding the future of the team.

In the last several years, the team had begun imagining their path forward without Rodgers — who is currently 37 — and making draft and free agency choices accordingly. These moves by the organization lit a fire under the QB, who ultimately won the league MVP award in 2020.

I think Aaron Rodgers, as a first-ballot Hall of Famer, has earned the right in the final years of his contract to be consulted in a decent way with the decisions that are being made in the Green Bay Packer locker room,” Clay said. “I also think this is Aaron Rodgers’ last year and that he then will be going, riding off into the sunset, and doing what Tom Brady did, which is being a free agent and being able to find any team out there to potentially join and have an opportunity going forward.

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