Clay Travis: COVID ends when people decide to let it end

Guest host Brian Kilmeade discussed how the media like CNN’s Jim Sciutto criticized college football fans after pictures emerged of packed stadiums after college football season. 

“They never want us to have a normal life,” Kilmeade said.


Kilmeade asked Travis for his own opinion on the packed stadiums.

“There are so many people out there for the last 18 months, they have been asking a question I think is the paramount one: how does COVID ever end? And my answer is when people decide to let COVID end and live their lives. That’s why all over the country I was so ecstatic to see millions of fans finally saying ‘it’s been 18 months. It’s time to take our lives back,’” Travis said.

Kilmeade asked whether stadiums were enforcing proof of vaccination or negative COVID tests for fans. Travis happily remarked that while some stadiums requested fans provide identification, most remained perfectly normal.

“That’s how we win, Brian,” Travis noted.

Kilmeade and Travis also commented on the hypocrisy of media figures who look away from Democrat politicians for flouting COVID restrictions.

“No one really cared that Nancy Pelosi had a big fundraiser. No one was looking at social distancing. No masks. Remember those people coming across the border? I’m pretty sure they didn’t get two vaccinations,” Kilmeade said.

Travis replied “Do you remember, Brian, when CNN analysts said Obama’s birthday party, indoors by the way, mostly was fine because it was a sophisticated, educated crowd? Guess what, college football fans, we’re sophisticated and educated, and if we need to get Dr. Fauci’s permission to be outdoors celebrating, maybe we can say we’re protesting the other team.” 

“Protests were perfectly fine if you remember all the scientific analysis on the Black Lives Matters protests back in the day,” Travis added.




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