Clay Travis dismisses Tebow, Kaepernick comparison: Tim's 'talents exceed his problems'

Tebow, 33, has spent time playing professionally in Denver, Philadelphia, New England and in East Rutherford, N.J., for the New York Jets.

Kaepernick has not held an NFL job since he became the face of a social justice movement within the league that has featured players taking a knee to protest America and take a position against law enforcement, and allege the existence of “systemic racism”.

“Almost everyone in the world of sports gets to continue to play as long as their talent exceeds their problems,” Travis explained.

“Tebow doesn’t have any problems [and hasn’t] lost sponsors… Kaepernick’s problems exceed his talents.”

Tebow, like Kaepernick, is famous for taking a knee to profess his personal views, however in Tebow’s case it was often following a touchdown or other in-game achievement – and instead kneeling in thanks to God for the blessing of athletic talent, rather than a social or political statement.

Travis said that Kaepernick, 33, is also “not a victim” because he has made large sums of money from Nike and other sources while being the figurehead of the social justice movement in professional sports.

“He’s made far more money talking about how awful America is from Nike and other woke corporations than he ever would’ve made as a backup quarterback in his 30s in the NFL.”

Travis noted that much of Tebow’s return to the NFL likely has to do with the Jags’ hiring of championship college football coach Urban Meyer III, who coached Tebow at the University of Florida.

“I think Tim Tebow is addicted to competition,” Travis told Kilmeade. “I understand some people are making [the Kaepernick] argument. I disagree with that. I think if Tim Tebow was addicted to fame, he could have gone on and been the ‘The Bachelor’ — he could have his own reality television show. He is one of the most famous athletes of his generation.”

Travis noted that unlike other professional athletes who aren’t able to stick with the marquee league in their sport, Tebow hasn’t branched out to creating his own food or alcohol products line, and the like.

“I think he wants to squeeze every last ounce of athletic ability out of his pursuits. He’s a flashpoint because people think he’s artificial and fake and people don’t believe in what he stands for.”

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