Clay Travis on Florida transgender sports ban: Foundation of sports is men vs. 男性, women vs. 女性

クレイ・トラヴィス: [政府. デサンティス] made the right call. The very foundation of sports is that men compete against men and women compete against women.

And if you start to allow people who are biologically male to identify as women and compete against women, what you will see is what we’ve seen happen in, 例えば, the state of Connecticut, where a biological man won and set 15 different state high school records competing against women.

That is the exact opposite of what fairness in sports should be. フロリダ州政府. Ron DeSantis is getting it right…

We have to have a separation of the sexes. さもないと, 率直に, women won’t win at all.

誰も, to my knowledge, is arguing against women who identify as men competing against those men because they would never win, because they are not biologically male and they’re competing against bigger, stronger and faster men, 正しい? So one side of this equation, no one is arguing against.

Where it directly impacts the outcome of sporting events, as we’ve already started to see in high schools, is when we have men who are identifying as women.

And I understand, 見て, this is a challenging aspect for many people because it is still a relatively new story.

And my position has been straightforward, particularly for adults. If an adult wants to make a decision that makes them happier, それはいいです. But it shouldn’t translate into the world of athletics.