Clay Travis: Rachel Nichols ha cercato di tenere il passo con il risveglio ed è stata comunque cancellata

Mentre ESPN prendeva il ritmo nel coprire la corsa sugli sport, Nichols ha tenuto il passo con la compagnia sempre più sveglia e ha alimentato le giuste parole d'ordine attraverso una copertura del viso nelle interviste di Zoom. Dal salto, she proved to be all in with posturing, blindly supporting the BLM movement and the NBA’s hypocrisy related to China’s human right laws.


Di mercoledì, the shot clock finally hit zero, and Nichols’ time at ESPN was declared over.

The woke police finding another victim,” commented OutKick’s Clay Travis, reflecting on the tragic path that fooled Nichols into wokeism and out of a job. “Cancel culture has come for ESPN’s own red-haired NBA star, Rachel Nichols. Lei non c'è più, she will cease to exist on ESPN.

Following the Maria Taylor debacle, ESPN couldn’t side with Nichols. She questioned an African-American woman’s growing role at the network — in a private conversation that was possibly illegally obtained — but she always played by ESPN’s rules publicly. Alla fine, she was canceled by the wokeism she promoted.

That hypocrisy was never addressed, it was never analyzed. And this is where people who embrace wokeism ultimately go. Sei, at some point in time, going to be canceled if you are not woke enough and you work in sports.


Clay adds, “ESPN is covering a tiny subset of the sports audience that believes in woke sports.

It rings true every time: go woke, go broke. Nichols played the game and got dunked on. Her days of lecturing Americans on an ESPN station have finally come to an end, which is a grim reality for any person in sports media not bold enough to speak some truth.

Even as the NBA’s overall ratings collapsed, Rachel Nichols made the decision to defend the NBA and all of the woke idiocy that that league embraced. Infatti, she lectured America on how great the NBA was when they pulled their All-Star Game out of Charlotte, North Carolina over a bathroom bill that was alleged to target transgender individuals. Even while the NBA continued to play basketball all around the world in countries such as China, which have a repressive human rights regime. ...

The lesson is clear: you’re either woke or you’re fired. You better keep your mouth shut unless you agree with far left-wing politics infiltrating sports.

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