Clay Travis rips ex-ESPN host Jemele Hill’s ‘clown take’ for attacking Democrat Joe Manchin over election bill

TRAVIS: This is what Jemele Hill does. She called the president Donald Trump a white supremacist, that eventually got her fired at ESPN and now she’s taking aim at her own party. Joe Manchin, who by the way represents the state of West Virginia, amper 70% of West Virginia residents voted against Joe Biden. Manchin has been steadfast in his belief that destroying the filibuster would be a major assault upon American democracy so he’s actually being consistent in his platform. Verder, this is indicative of the larger issue that the Democratic Party has do deal with internally, which is they no longer debate ideas, they attack people who disagree with thewokeagenda as being racist, sexist and homophobic. Whatever insult you want to lob at them personally as opposed to addressing the issues themselves on their face. I think Manchin has a very strong argument, en terloops, most of his constituents agree with him. I think this is just another clown take ironically by Jemele Hill who tried to label Democratic senator [Manchin] a clown. She is the one who has yet to demonstrate any intellectual breadth at all behind her opinions.


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