Climber Johanna Farber receives apology after inappropriate images were aired during World Championships

The International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) has apologized to Austrian climber Johanna Farber after inappropriate images of her were broadcast during the World Championships in Moscow.

Multiple media 아울렛 reported that the event’s broadcaster aired a close-up replay of Farber’s bottom during the boulder semifinals last week, prompting the sport’s governing body to post an apology.
The IFSC condemns the objectification of the human body and will take further action in order for it to stop, and to protect the athletes,” 읽다 성명서.
    It’s almost a repeat of an incident that happened during the World Cup in June, where IFSC’s host broadcaster ORF issued an 사과 to Farber after airing inappropriate images of the climber.
      당시, Farber released a 성명서 on social media saying she had been left embarrassed and called on people tostop sexualising women in sports and start to appreciate their performance.
        Farber was not immediately available for comment after the latest incident in Russia but IFSC President Marco Scolaris said the community must stop making the same mistakes.
        How many times will things have to be done wrong before we learn how to do them right?” 그는 성명에서 말했다.
            Sport climbing made its Olympic debut in Tokyo this year and was a massive hit during the Games.
            The World Championships are currently being live streamed on YouTube with tens of thousands of viewers tuning in.

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