Clues on ex-NFL player Phillip Adams' mental state revealed after search warrant

The York County Sheriff’s Office on Friday released court documents about the April 7 shooting where officials detailed evidence collected from the crime scene that led them back to Adams’ residence.


Police say they found a red cellphone on the scene between the two locations where the victims were found. The phone was traced back to Adams, who also matched the description of the suspect as told by a witness on the scene.

Based on the description of the suspect, the cell phone belonging to Phillip Adams being located at the crime scene, and the close proximity of the Philip Adams residence to the crime scene, a lawful search warrant was obtained for [彼の] residence…the documents read.

Police showed up at Adams’ residence and they came across a disturbing scene. He was found dead inside the home, where police also discovered a .45 caliber Tommy Gun-style firearm and a 9mm caliber MP5-style firearmweapons that matched the description of witness testimony, according to documents.

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The strangest discovery were notebooks found in Adams’ bedroom, 警察は言った.

During the search of Phillip Adams’ room, numerous notebooks were located with cryptic writing with different designs and emblems,” the search warrant read. “Detectives had also learned that Phillip Adams had been acting differently and possibly following a new religion or ideology.

Officials announced days after the shooting that Adams’ brain would be tested for chronic traumatic encephalopathy (コート). 彼の父, Alonzo, had told WCNC-TV he thoughtfootball messed him up.Adams’ sister told USA Today that her brother’smental health degraded fast and terribly badand her family noticedextremely concerning signs of mental illness.

Adams was identified as the suspect in the murders of five people who were shot and killed in a bloody rampage before he purportedly turned the gun on himself. A prominent South Carolina doctor, 彼の妻, their two grandchildren and an air-conditioning technician were identified as the victims of the shooting in Rock Hill

Whether or not Adams suffered from CTE will take months to determine.

Fox News’ Ryan Gaydos contributed to this report.