CNN anchors tout 'innovative' and 'interesting' California city's proposed gun tax

Maandag, CNN hosts John Avlon and Laura Jarrett bespreek the San Jose’s city council’s decision to impose a new yearly tax on gun owners.

This proposition, which was voted on unanimously, will require gun owners in San Jose to take out liability insurance on their firearms and pay an annual tax fee to fund emergency response teams. The measure was also supported by Democrat Mayor Sam Liccardo.

Avlon described the policy proposal as thefirst of its kind in the nation” sowel as “a really interesting, innovative policy.

So super interesting. Novel, first of its kind as you said,” Jarrett, who is the daughter of long-time Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett, gesê. She went on to compare the proposed tax fee to car insurance, presuming that financially penalizing gun owners could, in werklikheid, offset the costs of gun violence.

This would be a huge savings if it goes through,” said Jarrett.


Almost immediately following the original announcement, various gun rights organizations gedreig lawsuits against the city, arguing that such a tax is unconstitutional and ultimately unenforceable without infringing on rights to privacy.

The whole proposal is utterly insincere. It does not offer proven solutions. It’s blatantly unconstitutional,” Dave Truslow, a weapons instructor for the National Rifle Association, gesê.

Avlon recognized the legal challenges of the mandate but pivoted to a quote given by Liccardo essentially dismissing the concerns.

Skeptics will say that criminals won’t comply. They’re right. Yet that’s an important feature of these proposals, not a defect,” he quoted Liccardo. “These ordinances create a legal mandate that provides police with a lawful means for seizing guns from non-law abiding dangerous people.

So he’s saying basically, bring it on,” Avlon remarked.

No clear details have been revealed on the proposed mandate regarding the exact fee towards gun owners or the methods of enforcement. Under the threat from various gun activists, the law will also likely face intense legal scrutiny.

Amid these legal challenges, Avlon closed by remarkingit’s always good to see innovative public policy proposals.

That’s how we move forward as a society,” hy het gesê.

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