CNN的Brian Stelter避免Glenn Greenwald离开《拦截》, Twitter在媒体节目上向纽约邮报投稿

CNN's Brian Stelter avoids Glenn Greenwald leaving The Intercept, Twitter在媒体节目上向纽约邮报投稿

CNN’s left-wing 媒体 记者 Brian Stelter managed to avoid two of the biggest media stories on his media-focused Sunday morning program.

Stelter, who often uses the “可靠来源” platform to attack 特朗普总统, spent no time on Glenn Greenwald’s dramatic departure as editor of The Intercept. Greenwald, who co-founded the outlet in 2014, resigned after he accused his fellow editors of trying to censor an article critical of 乔·拜登 over the growing Hunter Biden controversy.

The CNN host also ignored Twitter finally unlocking the New York Post’s account, weeks after the social media giant initially suspended the paper for sharing its explosive report on Hunter Biden’s emails last month.


Stelter did, 然而, briefly address the controversy surrounding CNN contributor Miles Taylor, who admitted to lying to the network back in August when he denied that he was the Trump administration official who wrote an anonymous 2018 op-ed in The New York Times. While he kept the focus on the Times and whether they misled the country for publishing Taylor’s op-ed and billing him as a “资深的” 官方, Stelter did not mention the ethical conundrum his network faces for keeping a known liar like Taylor on its payroll.

Stelter, who has been mocked as the media’shall monitorby critics, has a long history of skipping the most talked-about stories about the mainstream media, particularly those that put it in a negative light.


上个月, Stelter ignored the controversy surrounding presidential debate moderator and C-SPAN host Steve Scully, who alleged that his Twitter account was hacked after it appeared that he was reaching out to Trump foe Anthony Scaramucci. Stelter only acknowledged the controversy after Scully admitted that he lied about the hack.

在 2019, Stelter completely avoided the revelation that ABC News had spiked an investigation into convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.


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