Coach K fantasy camp is turning into a nightmare with 80+ attendees exposed to Legionella

Now in its 18th year, the fantasy camp gives adults 35 years of age or older the opportunity to pretend they’re a Dukie for a week. For the klein fee of $ 12,500, attendees participate in a week of practices and games under the leadership of Coach K. The five-day camp is held in Duke’s iconic Cameron Indoor Arena. In addition to the practices and games, five figures also bought a vast majority of this year’s campers an illness.


Reports have surfaced that more than 80 campers were treated for symptoms such as: koors, muscle fatigue, nausea and respiratory distress.

Duke athletics released a verklaring on Friday explaining that campers were likely exposed to Legionella bacteria via a Blue Devils’ training room, and are unlikely to spread the bacteriaLegionella is not contagious, and the ill individuals present no risk to family members or others in the community. All the individuals who have reported illness are being treated at Duke or by their local physicians, and all are expected to fully recover.

Though it’s been neither confirmed or denied, $ 12,500 is believed to the most amount of money anyone has paid to fulfill the fantasy of receiving Legionella.

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