Cold front forecast to bring stormy weather from Great Lakes to Gulf Coast

FOX WEATHER 将在 10 月之前加强直播团队 25 尊贵

Isolated severe storms will be possible from the Lower Great Lakes through the 东南.

24-Hour temperature change

24-Hour temperature change (信用: 福克斯新闻)

Ahead of the front, much warmer air will be swept away through Friday, with a temperature drop in some areas of 10 至 15 度数.

East Coast forecast temperatures

East Coast forecast temperatures (信用: 福克斯新闻)

与此同时, 的 西方 is gearing up for quite a parade of storms.

West Coast forecast precipitation

West Coast forecast precipitation (信用: 福克斯新闻)

The latest system will bring heavier rain and intense mountain snow Thursday.

Some spots will receive upward of 2 feet while debris flows, 山洪暴发 and mudslides will be a big hazard especially for the burn areas across 加利福尼亚州.




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