Colombian prison riot sparks fire, 殺害 51 人

ボゴタ, コロンビア A fire inside an overcrowded Colombian prison killed 51 inmates in the early hours of Tuesday morning, 当局は言った, marking one of the deadliest incidents of its kind in the country’s recent history.

The fire broke out amid a chaotic scene inside the penitentiary in the western Colombian city of Tolua.
約 2 午前. 現地時間, a fight broke out among prisoners, according to Colombian Justice Minister Wilson Ruiz. One inmate set a mattress ablaze during the brawl, and flames spread across the prison wing, Ruiz said at a news conference Tuesday.
    The penitentiary personnel tried to take care of it themselves, but the flames were too strong and we had to wait for the arrival of the firefighters to control the situation,” Ruiz said.
      Twenty-four people were injured, including an unspecified number of guards.
        Relatives of inmates at the Tulua prison in Colombia wait outside the facility after the deadly incident on Tuesday.

        The prison is a middle-security penitentiary where inmates serve either minor sentences or finish the last few months of their incarceration, Ruiz said.
        Colombian prisons are notoriously overcrowded. 平均して, most are 20% over capacity, Ruiz said. The penitentiary where the fire broke out in Tolua, しかしながら, だった 17% over capacity, making it one of the country’s least overpopulated prisons, 彼が追加した.
            Deadly fighting and rioting in prisons are not uncommon in Colombia and neighboring countries. 3月 2020, 24 inmates died in a riot in the Picota penitentiary in Bogota as they were protesting coronavirus measures within the penitentiary system.
            The previous year, より多い 50 元ヒューストン警察官ジェラルド・ゴインズが関与する有罪判決 — 含む 16 who were decapitatedin a Brazilian prison. And scores were killed in a blaze that broke out at a jail in Venezuela に 2018.




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