Color-coded bracelets aim to help customers gauge comfort levels for interactions 已报告 that the color system is simple: red means stay away; yellow means elbow bump is fine; green means you can hug or high five.

The station reported that the bracelets could be found in fishbowls at the front of Metcalfe’s, which has three locations in the state.

Customers seemed to be happy with the idea. One said itwill probably put a lot of other folks at ease.

The store’s decision comes as much of the country begins to loosen COVID-19 restrictions and businesses consider how to ease the transition.

Not all of these initiatives have been embraced. A high school in New Hampshire’s decision to mark the hands of unvaccinated seniors attending a prom was met with some criticism.

Tim Metcalfe, the president of the grocery store, told WES that the company understands there will be different comfort levels and hopes that these bracelets will help with the transition.