Colton Underwood calls out ‘inappropriate’ questions about his sex life from fans: ‘I’m respecting myself’

L'ex “Laurea breve” star took to Instagram over the weekend to answer a series of questions submitted by fans, Rivista di persone segnalato.

Secondo l'outlet, the 29-year-old is set to release a Netflix show about his coming out journey. Il reality tv personality came out as gay last month.

While some fans were eager to find out when the special will be released, others were more interested in his sex life. That’s when Underwood hit pause on the informal Q&A to address the too-personal queries.

Let me vent for a second,” Underwood wrote, come citato dall'outlet. “Questions like this are inappropriate. I understand you might know me from the bachelor where I shared a lot about my personal life. I have set boundaries and I’m respecting myself in a way that will lead me to a healthier life.


Cassie Randolph has explained that will not comment 'for now' on her ex-boyfriend Colton Underwood's coming out as gay.

Cassie Randolph has explained that will not comment ‘for nowon her ex-boyfriend Colton Underwood’s coming out as gay. (AP)

I never asked to be labeled as the virgin bachelor and have people feel the security to ask me questions about my sex life,” Lui continuò. “It just happened and during that time I thought I had no other choice but to just go with it [o] the network would be mad. I know differently now. I’ll share what I want and this won’t be one of those things.

Underwood previously dated Cassie Randolph, the finalist from his 2019 stagione.

Secondo l'outlet, the couple parted ways last May. But then in September, Randolph filed for a restraining order against Underwood after he allegedly stalked and harassed her. The 26-year-old dropped the charges in November.

Underwood is prohibited from discussing the details of that situation due to a joint agreement with Randolph. tuttavia, Underwood recently told Varietà that hedid not physically touch or physically abuse Cassie in any way, shape or form.

It’s not who I am as a human being, and it’s not how I carry myself,” said Underwood. “I want this interview to be the last time I address her because it’s not fair for her to have her name in articles every time I talk. Mi dispiace, and I want her to know that I hope she has the best, most beautiful life.

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