Colts players pull off ‘Soul Trainline celebration following TD vs. 钢人

Colts players pull off 'Soul Train' line celebration following  TD vs. 钢人

Indianapolis Colts were rolling in their Week 16 对战 匹兹堡钢人队 在周日下午.

At the half, 四分卫 Philip Rivers 已完成 9 的 12 通过 153 码和一触地得分, and rookie running back Jonathan Taylor had 13 为 49 yards and two scores for the Colts who held a 21-7 铅.


Following Taylor’s first touchdown with 9:48 to go in the first quarter, Colts players pulled off theSoul Train” 线, which featured individual dances from wide receiver Zach Pascal, backup quarterback Jacoby Brissett, and tight end Mo Alie-Cox.

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Taylor added his second touchdown for the game with 6:35 to go in the second quarter. Two minutes later, Pascal was on the receiving end of a 42-yard touchdown from Rivers to put the Colts up two scores heading into the half.


The Colts are in the heat of a playoff race, and a win over the Steelers would all-but solidify their chances at making the postseason. Indianapolis, 随着 Tennessee Titans, 克利夫兰布朗, 巴尔的摩乌鸦, 和 迈阿密海豚, are fighting for three AFC Wildcard spots.