Columnist suggests Fauci offering mixed messaging on vaccines to prolong his ‘moment in the spotlight’

Stephen L. Miller’s latest column for The Spectator, “The perpetual pandemic,” examines why he feels “politicos, pundits and ‘experts’ don’t want COVID to end.

Miller noted the devastating impact of the pandemic but feelsthere are pockets of public health experts and corporate media pundits who seem content to play out an endless cycle of pandemic porn” cuales “runs contrary to what the majority of the population wants to watch and how most Americans are choosing to live their lives.


Fauci isone of several public health officials who see their time at the podium possibly coming to an endas the pandemic winds down

His tenure skipping from media outlet to media outlet, offering mixed messages on vaccines and a return to normalcy, is soon to expire,” Miller wrote.

When Business Insider asked Fauci if he saw himself attending indoor dining anytime soon, the good doctor said no, even though he is fully vaccinated. Movie theaters? That was also a no. Airplane travel? no,” Miller continued. “We don’t know if Fauci was speaking as a leading health expert and the top epidemiologist in the country, or simply an obsessive compulsive and raging hypochondriac.

Miller feels the issue is thatFauci has wrapped himself in a cocoon of personal skepticismand is unaware many Americans have resumed attending weddings and ballgames, eating out and traveling. The columnist noted Fauci isn’t alone, pointing to MSNBC’s Joy Reid, who also recently told her millions of followers she would be too afaid to go out in public, even after getting vaccinated.

Between people like Fauci and Reid scaring Americans, President Biden wearing masks despite being vaccinated, and the recent pause on the Johnson & Vacuna Johnson, Miller thinksthese peopleare simply not interested in normalcy.

This is sure to reverberate throughout the country; a considerably sized portion of the population is already vaccine-hesitant,” el escribio, offering a few suggestions why particular people want to see the pandemic lifestyle linger.

Perhaps Anthony Fauci sees the curtain falling on his moment in the spotlight,” Miller wrote.

As the institutional figureheads find excuse after excuse to prolong the pandemic, their several messaging missteps mean their words aren’t having the intended effect,” Miller wrote to conclude the column. “Soon enough, the politicians, pundits and ‘experts’ will see that the American public is content to leave them behind and tune them out.

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