El comediante elimina la membresía de la junta de las biografías de las redes sociales después de un tweet racista dirigido a Tim Scott

El comediante Scott Nevins fue criticado la semana pasada por decir que Scott estaba “el tío Tom lo quiere por su vida” during his rebuttal to Del presidente Biden speech to a joint session of Congreso la semana pasada.


“Su [Tim Scott] is uncle Tom’ing it for his life. So sad,” Nevins escribió last week before deleting it. “South Carolina should be so ashamed.

sin embargo, following the post and his subsequent apology, Nevins removed his mention of being a board member for AIDS health organization DAP Health. DAP Health still lists Nevin as a board member, según su sitio web.


Nevins did not immediately respond to Fox News’ petición de comentario.

In a statement to Fox News on Monday, DAP Health said the personal opinions of board members did not reflect the organization’sopinions or policies.

Poverty doesn’t discriminate based on a patient’s political party. DAP Health welcomes all people. Período. Casi 10,000 people receive care and services based on their needsnot their ability to pay,” the organization said. “Personal opinions expressed by individual board members do not represent the opinions or policies of DAP Health. DAP Health does not manage or have input on personal social media for its board members.

Nevins apologized for the tweet in a separate post, saying he was trying to do anironic jokeabout Scott using the racial slur in his speech.

Tonight I tried to do an ironic joke about Sen Tim Scott using the term ‘Uncle Tomin his rebuttal,” Nevins wrote. “While I was shocked by his lack of self awareness, I should not have used that term myself, even in reference. That was not right. I apologize.

Scott hasn’t been Nevins’ only target for racial slurs on Twitter. The comedian also llamado both former HUD Secretary Ben Carson and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott — who are Black — the same racial slur.

Nevins isn’t the only comedian to come under fire for taking shots at Scott following the senator’s rebuttal to Biden.

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel — who apologized last year for wearing blackface in the past — was lit up online after attacking Scott as the Republican Party’s token Black senator.

An amazing thing happened after the speech,” Kimmel said last week. “Every Black Republican Senator got together to let the American people know the Republican Party isn’t racist.

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