Computer repairman: Twitter calling me hacker in Hunter Biden laptop case was ‘death sentence

Computer repairman: Twitter calling me hacker in Hunter Biden laptop case was 'death sentence'

The computer repairman at the center of the 헌터 바이든 laptop story said Thursday that 트위터 destroyed his business by labeling him ahackerand legal action was his only recourse.

John Paul Mac Isaac is suing Twitter for a staggering $ 500 million and demanding a retraction after the social media giant blocked users from sharing a New York Post story about the contents of Biden’s laptop, claiming the piece relied onhacked materials.

Being labeled a hacker is a death sentence in my industry and I was just trying to do the right thing,” Isaac told미국의 뉴스 룸.” “I don’t have a business anymore. As long as I’m labeled a hacker, I won’t be able to be trusted in this industry.


Isaac said a man he believed was Hunter Biden left a laptop at his small Delaware repair shop in April 2019 and never retrieved it or paid the bill for retrieving its data. Before turning it over to the FBI last year, he made a copy of the hard drive for Rudy Giuliani’s attorney, 로버트 코스텔로. 줄리아니, an attorney for President Trump, eventually turned it over to the New York Post, who published a story on its contents, which included business emails and sexually charged content.

The story sparked Twitter and Facebook to embark in an unprecedented display of censorship against its sharing, and Democrats protested the story was part of a Russian disinformation campaign to damage Hunter Biden’s father, 조 바이든, then in the midst of his presidential campaign. 하나, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said such claims were untrue, and it has since been revealed that Hunter Biden has been under federal investigation since 2018 for his tax affairs and overseas business dealings.


Isaac said Thursday theproper authoritiesfailed him, which led him to getting in touch with Giuliani.

Isaac’s lawsuit was dismissed this week on what his lawyer said was a technicality, and they plan to refile the case.

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We think that Twitter defamed our client, and that is what caused all of his injury,” attorney Brian Della Rocca said. “We’re not saying that there aren’t other lawsuits that might be coming down the line, but Twitter is definitely our top priority at this point.

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