Congress must investigate Hunter Biden – and those protecting him. Here's why

As more stories about Hunter Biden’s meetings with foreign agents in Serbia, China and elsewhere come out, serious scrutiny will become unavoidable.

The evidence is overwhelming that Hunter Biden’s activities in Ukraine, Russia and China have direct national security implications. 


We simply do not know how much the Biden administration’s weakness toward Communist China is influenced by the Chinese corruption of the Biden family and its allies. We do not know how much Vladimir Putin has been emboldened by his knowledge of the corruption of Hunter Biden – and through him the governing family of the United States. 

There has been a complete absence of honesty and inquiry from the FBI and the Justice Department. It is amazing that the Hunter Biden laptop has not already led to an indictment of President Biden’s son for a series of amazing influence-peddling schemes.

Sadly, the U.S. attorney for Delaware, where the laptop was found and where the Bidens live, has shown no interest in pursuing a case that involves public corruption at the highest levels. The FBI has had the laptop and yet nothing has been done to pursue the clear corruption outlined in the various emails it contains.

Hunter Biden’s irresponsible marketing of “a unique relationship” with the vice president during the Obama years, (then with a presidential candidate, and now with the president) has enormous national security implications.

It is no accident that Hunter was actively seeking business in Communist China, Putin’s Russia and Ukraine. These were countries keenly interested in developing influence in Washington and it seems they felt they were getting real access and impact through Hunter and his family.

If Joe Biden knew, he is clearly implicated in corruption involving foreign powers. 

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