Congressional Baseball Game means something extra to Steve Scalise, 4 years after shooting

Anytime you get to come out in the big league ballpark it’s special, ma tu sai, for me… There was a time when I didn’t think I was going to make it,” Scalare ha detto a Fox News.

It’s been four years since Scalise was nearly fatally shot by a left-wing gunman who opened fire during a practice session for the annual game. Scalise was on second base when a bullet struck him in the hip, severely wounding him. He underwent more than nine surgeries throughout his recovery.

God gave me a second chance, I surely want to make the most of it,” il Louisiana Republican told Fox News.

This year’s annual baseball game comes as Republicans and Democrats are negotiating several major bills in Congress this week, compreso un $ 3.5 trillion spending bill and the infrastructure bill.


There is a lot going on this week in Congress down the street at the office,” Scalise told Fox News. “This is a great rivalry, it’s a great tradition — but look we’re competitive people.

We’re playing to win. We sure want to beat them out there on the floor of Congresso on the bad policies, but we also want to beat them on the baseball field tonight,” Lui continuò.

Watch the full interview above.

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